End is near

We are currently in Denmark having a two week rest before returning to England for three weeks to sell our worldly possessions before returning back to Australia on the 1st November. It has been a great holiday and it has gone so quickly, we can’t believe that we have been on the road for more than three months.

We have rented a house in Denmark for the two weeks that is located a long way from anywhere which is great as it forces us to do nothing. This is the first holiday where we have sat still, we normally do lots of touring and never stay in one place, not ever. So it is slowing us down and we are really enjoying the time under a solid roof where Charlotte can crawl and play; and we can go to the bathroom in the middle on the night without any additional effort (we think this must be a recurring theme).

We leave Denmark on the 9th Oct to be back in the UK by the 10th. We have also updated this blog with a lot of back-dated posts so make sure you check them all out.

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