Happy Birthday

[26 Feb 2004]

Whose a jolly good fellow….blah blah blah…Yes it is my birthday, yes I am getting closer to thirty, but there is still one year to go 😉 Wow, out of my twenties and into the thirties, time is flying…

I would like to say a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to all the people that sent me birthday wishes today, thank you very much for your cards (all the way from OZ), emails and SMS messages, it is very much appreciated, thank you. I am sorry if I did not respond to your wishes, it has been a busy day, I will respond next week.

The day started out great, the sun was shining, in my infinite wisdom, I looked out side, predicted that the cloud was too high, too sparse to think about raining, so we headed out to go flat hunting (again) without the umbrella or wet weather gear. Well by 12pm that afternoon, the heavens opened and it…snowed! Bucket loads of the stuff, a short meeting later and the roads were covered. The traffic had come to a stand still. Amazing, and all for My birthday, well that’s I keep telling my self

My birthday was celebrated with the signing of a Flat! After much agony, blonde bimbo’s telling us that we were too high a risk and that we would have to pay six months in advance! The added stress of, do we move in by our selves or in with friends. Lack of sleep added to the stress, so we decided to go it on our own. Only to find out two days later that we could have moved in with friends at a slightly cheaper rate with the added bonus of additional room and maybe better location! Oh well this flat is only for six months and we will assess where we are up to at that stage.

If you need our new address please drop us a line and we will be happy to give it out.

A job prospect has improved its probability by a little as it has passed through H.R. I have been told (by a very reliable source) that this is a good thing, and that I will find out sometime next week as to the status, possibly an interview, fingers crossed.

We pick up our car this weekend, have to organise insurance and the cash to pay for it. All is hard at the moment as our bank account has still not been opened so we are still dealing with Australian banks and times, our savings have taken some serious hits, the dollar does not go very far even at the great rate of £0.42 per $1.00 Aus dollar.

Busy weekend ahead, need to Organise a bed, and basic furniture for our new flat, will be fun. Our flat has a large double bed room, study and huge lounge, so if anybody wishes to stay with us, the lounge will be your bed room. It is closed off from the main house so it should be fine. It is also in a very quiet part of Bristol, yet close enough to the main drag to keep us entertained.

Dave & Narelle

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