Hi ho Silver

Emma and I wanted to go horseback riding. We had wanted to go in the Uk but ran out of time…. now was our chance!

The neighbour where we were staying had a couple of horses for her daughter, but she recommended some stable that she said were really worthwhile. So we called and booked. The thrill and anticipation were too much for Charlie and Jen and they decided to come along too. Jen had never been on a horse before, so she and Charlie had an hr long ride before Emma and I rode out on our ‘wild beasts’!

Credit to Jen, she was as pale as a ghost as she stepped up to Selma – but an hr later, after a good bonding session and time together in the woods – she returned with a healthy pink glow to her cheeks, and a grin from ear to ear! Charlie and Marcus got on marvellously form the first moment they met!

Emma and I were a little more gun ho about our ride, but I was also pretty nervous. The last time I had ridden properly I had taken a really nasty fall – but bravery (or stupidity!) won out and off we went. 2hrs, wonderful wooded scenery, trotting and cantering (and guaranteed sore legs and butt!) we returned impressed that we had both stayed on for the entire time!

It was great fun!

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