Holland, Camping Da Paal the best campsite so far

We left Germany for a four hour drive north to Holland (Netherlands) to a campsite called Camping Da Paal that had a special on for the entire month of September you could stay for €220! Which is the cheapest camping that we have had yet and not only this but it is the best campsite that we have been to so far on our trip! The facilities are clean and very modern and we only had a 20 meter walk to the bathroom. The bathrooms had family rooms with bath, shower and change facilities for babies. We were totally blown away by this campsite and it has restored our faith in camping although we are still tired of the cold damp weather but this site is so well run and so well provided for that we can put up with the cold and damp for a little while longer.

The campsite caters so well for young families and the facilities on offer are incredible, they have a large indoor pool that is heated to 31 degrees as well as large out door pools. Inside there is a kids water playground that has water cannons, slides and games. There are two huge play areas that have all imaginable play equipment.

Charlottes temperature hadn’t eased for almost three days, the medicine is reducing her temp but as the medicine wears off her temp returns. Narelle phoned a weekend help line for medical advice and was told that in Holland a 38.5 temperature is not high enough to worry about too much and that Charlotte needs three days to build up the anti-bodies that will eventually fight the infection (wherever that might be). It took another day before Charlotte started talking and resuming her normal self, the temperature was easing on Sunday without any medicine. This is the first time in our entire trip that anyone has been remotely sick and we think that Charlotte was just reacting to her two teeth that were coming through (yes she had two come up at the same time in the middle of her bottom jaw). Now we have to remember to brush her teeth as well as ours and we hadn’t started practicing before her teeth came up which meant that it took about four days of persuasion, singing, clapping and dancing before she would let us brush her teeth.

We have enjoyed our five nights here so far, we are leaving the camper in situ while we go to Brugge and will return after our long weekend.

Here is a photo of some of the random affection that has been placed on Charlotte. This girl is 15 from what we can gather and wants to be a nurse, anyway we promised her that we would put her photo on the net so here it is.


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