Holland Family Spits

The day after our hospital trip the Spits family came to visit us at the campsite as arranged earlier in the week. We met the spits family in Italy almost two months ago at Camping Arizona . The Spits family had heard of Camping Da Paal before but never been, so this was their chance to check out the campsite and to see Charlotte and us again.

The weather was beautiful and we spent Saturday afternoon basking in the sun, whilst the children (and Dave) played in the giant sandpit adventure playground at Camping Da Paal. Special thanks to Linde and Mirthe for their lovely gifts to Charlotte – she loves her rattle and is always chewing on her new keys!

We learnt the Joris is not only the pancake king, but also – king of the castle. Sandcastles that is! Dave and Joris spent ages building their castle, with moat, church tower, townhall and of course – the palace! Gerdi, Narelle and Charlotte joined Linde and Mirthe (Artur was getting drinks!) – for the grand opening of the Joris and Dave Masterpiece. They used the water pump to flood their moat and it was successful (well, mostly!) in holding it’s water!
There was bouncing on the trampoline and balancing on the big logs running from one side to the other of the sand dunes Linde and Mirthe were fearless and so quick! Narelle and Gerdi a little slower and more cautious! Plenty of fun for everyone!

After drinks and some of Gerdi’s delicious home baked cake (something you can’t do in a camper!) we said our goodbyes… we hope to see you all again – perhaps in Australia – you never know!

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