London here we…are!

[07 Feb 2004]

Our flight leaves at 1:30pm, we had heaps of time to get to the Airport, find the terminal, check our bags in and relax before our flight. Andrew & Jennifer decided to show us the way and get us to the airport, from Zurich Central it is a short train trip. We packed our packs, which are now 6Kg heavier than when we had first started, not sure why though as we have kept our purchases to the minimum, only a few chocolates. Well all right maybe 1kg of chocolate, but that doesn’t explain the other 5!

As we approached the train, it was about to leave, Andrew & Jennifer walked up to the train, stepped aside, let us board, and then waved good bye! Oops, miss communication, we thought they were coming all the way, and they thought we knew that they were only coming as far as the main train station. Sorry guys we really did not know you were not coming, so next time we will have to get our stories straight so that we can do the proper good bye. We did have a great time in Zurich and thank you for your generosity and friendship.

Our plane left a little late, due to the direction of the wind, they had to change the flight take off pattern which meant that not as many planes could take off as in the normal pattern, apparently, not sure why we were told that, but I guess they have to find excuses. Its like being back at school, making up excuses for not doing your home work. So far we have not had a plane leave on time. But I guess it can either be On time or late, they cannot have a plane leave 15min early or else we would all be complaining. So it is a lose-lose situation for the airlines.

Our flight was quick and easy; before we knew it we were in London, Heathrow. Through immigration, showed our visas, answered questions about the visa, what we can and cannot do. Then through customs, nothing to declare, so straight through. Very quick process indeed.

We managed to find the bus that takes us almost to the door of our hotel in Hyde Park, we managed to get this place for £49 a night, usually £79, the power of the internet is amazing, we would recommend planning a holiday like this, one or two days notice is all you need, and the savings are amazing, nice three star hotels for one star prices. The hotel that we stayed in was the London Guards, a clean hotel, that is not great and not bad, for the price we were happy. Breakfast could be a little better.

The hotel also has a Russian restaurant in the basement, very good food, and is normally fully booked. We had to eat at the bar as there were no tables, the service is excellent, and the food is fantastic, but be prepared to pay a little for it, although the prices are not too bad considering the rest of London.

In our couple of days in London, we toured a little; we saw Madam Tuesauds and the wax figures, Trafalgar Square, London Tower (outside only) and a few other land marks. We decided that we would come back once we were settled in Bristol and had some £ to spend.

We leave for Bristol on the 10th Feb.

Dave & Narelle

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