Lottie’s first holiday

[photopress:img_0505.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Well greetings Lottie followers… last week had Lottie getting a taste of what’s to come on the travelling scene! She took her first plane ride! We headed off at 400am on Saturday morning to fly into Edinburgh where we rented a car and drove to our fabulous accommodation. [photopress:img_0326.jpg,thumb,alignright]We cannot plug Muirhall Farm enough – Chris and Gabi looked after us so well – and the cottage was gorgeous. Here is the link to their website – so you can check it out for yourselves! Thanks for the hospitality guys – and we hope to see you again in July!

On Monday, we took a drive and explored Glasgow – wandering the streets and looking at buildings designed by McIntosh (thanks for the whirlwind architectural tour Geoffrey!)

[photopress:img_0369.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Tuesday we visited the famous Roslyn Chapel (as seen in the DaVinci Code!). It was sooooooo very cold in there – and Lottie happily proved the acoustics of the amazing stone chapel. [photopress:img_0377_1.jpg,thumb,alignright]The masonry there is truly amazing – but £7 entry fee we thought was a bit steep! Shows what can happen to little places after a taste of Showbiz! We then drove to Edinburgh to visit the Australian Consulate to apply for Lottie’s passport. The appointment went well and we were told it would take 10 days for us to get her passport.

[photopress:img_0409.jpg,thumb,alignleft]A quick hi to Emma Clarkson – a blast from the past! An old school friend living in Edinburgh – I found the record shop where she works- when I read her updated profile on schoolfriends.com. It was great to see you Em and look forward to seeing you again in July!

Although we did not have time to visit Edinburgh castle, we hiked up the hill (pushchair and all!) – a steep one at that! The views up there are great and we look forward to more exploring in July!

[photopress:img_0426_1.jpg,thumb,alignright]Wednesday saw us visiting Loch Lomond and the town of Balloch. After a boat trip around the loch, we battled the bitter winds for a fierce walk around a part of the Loch. As you can see from our pics, Lottie was not too impressed with our efforts! But we rewarded our hard work with a hot cup of tea to thaw out!

[photopress:img_2544_1.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Before we knew it, it was time for us to head back to the Uk. Lottie’s second plane trip was as good as the journey there. She was happy as long as there was nipple in her mouth! Lucky for me, the flight was only an hour – goodness knows what you do if the flight is longer!!!!

Charlotte’s weight has remained the same for the past two weeks, so we are hoping that this week she has started moving again, she is being weighed on Monday. Her eyesight is improving and can now distinguish shapes from a distance and she is really alert and taking in the world. She is also talking (gooing) a lot more now which is great to see. She is sleeping well, with about two feeds during the night, we still can’t put her to bed during the day and she does seem to demand a lot of attention and stimulation; which is great.

Anyway better go, please don’t forget to check out the photos from Scotland. xox.

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