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We have had a couple of outings in the past few days. We went to Stresa and visited the funivia which is a cable car that takes you to the top of Mountain with amazing views. A great ski spot but also very beautiful in summer.

Saturday night was a great success with dinner at our new friends caravan! Silvana cooked a magnifico feast and we spent the evening chatting. Well, Chatting is perhaps a strong word to use – shall we call it speaking pigdin! Me with my broken italian, consulting every third word or so in our excellent phrase book. Silvana and her hubby Ivan speak no english – but we still managed to laugh and enjoy the company. A few things were L.I.T as Dave and I say…. Lost In Translation…. but it was good. We then all came down to the beach where there Entertainment Co-Ordinator (a fiesty black Cuban called Daniel) was gathering the troops for dancing. It was great fun! Charlotte was brilliant – asleep in her buggy amongst all the noise until 100am when we returned to our camper.

Then the screaming started….. after transferring her from the buggy into her cot and we knew she was just tired so we let her cry it out. Unfortunately.. this took over an hour and after a big drink from me.. she settled and slept till 700am. In the morning, about 10 people came up to us and asked if ‘Carlotta’ was ‘male’ (italian for unwell!) – was she sick as they heard her in the night! The joys of communal living!

We had an icecream at our local gelateria yesterday and the owner took Charlotte off our hands for a while. She was taken behind the counter.. showed to locals… given a cone to play with – the works! The website for their business is and it you are in the area we recommend a visit!

Yesterday we took a ferry ride to Isola Bella (beautiful island) and then to Isola Pescatori (fisherman’s island). We checked out the Palace and gardens at our first stop and Charlotte ate her first grape. The views from the gardens were gorgeous.

We spent today on the terrazzo making use of the free internet access and getting our washing done. (domestic bliss!) and our new friends were all playing with Charlotte. She has been given toys (bought for her by proud fellow campers!), cuddled by other children, sat in the arms of many a nonna and in between, had a very short nap!

Special thanks to Fr Giovanni (brother of the campsite owners – Sante and Nucci) as he has had a great day with Charlotte today. He is a missionary priest and has lived all over the world (including Africa, USA and UK) so he has been a great help with babysitting and translating. We have learnt a few extra words with him today and wish him well in his future work. His website is so take a gander!

We have decided to stay here an extra night and plan to head towards Switzerland on Wed.

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