Rhine, whine and sick of Camping

After Sweden we had four more nights in Germany, we really like the Rhine area and there were many castles and walks that we wanted to do. But the best plans never mean you actually get to do them. The weather was very poor, cold and wet and when the rain stopped we were too tired to get out and do anything major. In the end we decided that it was the campsite that was wearing us out.

Our pitch was on the side of the hill in a very peaceful setting about 80 meters from the toilet blocks and general facilities; that doesn’t sound like a lot but it was a downhill walk to the toilets and at three in the morning when your bladder wouldn’t hold any longer the walk seemed to take forever. Also when you are tired and it is wet and everything is damp, the towels, clothes and tea towels were always wet each morning just from the wet air, our camping spirit was crushed.

This is nothing against this campsite, in fact it is an amazing campsite and with the right pitch you get views of the Rhine and vineyards, the facilities are great and the showers are hot and free. It has great walks through the vineyards and forests; however we didn’t get one of the good pitches and maybe that was our mistake, choosing a pitch with shade (we still don’t know why we did this, just second nature after Italy we guess).

We managed a few trips into the local town Rhedeshime and we enjoyed walking along the Rhine. We saw the remnants of a bridge that was blown up in the second world war. The Rhine has many of these bridges and this is the reason that there is now a barge business in getting cars from one side to the other just as we had to do a couple of weeks ago.

Our last day in Germany saw Charlotte finally push the two teeth that had been threatening for the past week through the gums, and as this happened her temperature hit 38.5! After reading some literature and talking to the manager of the campsite about doctors even he agreed that Holland would be a better place for medical treatment, so the nurofen was taking the temp away so we decided to see how she went in the next day or so which by that time we would be in Holland.

The Rhine is definitely a place that we would like to visit again, but I think we will try and get there in better weather or stay in a bed and breakfast or similar; we are getting tired of camping now and looking forward to Brugge where we have a house booked.

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