Stockholm, in Brief

Friday saw us on our marathon mission again, to leave Gotland and find our campsite in Bredang (about 20 mins by tube out of Stockholm). We managed to find it, and are taking advantage of their wireless access for internet here. We have rented a little (and I mean little!) room, with bunk beds and a tiny, tiny kitchen. We share a 2burner hotplate, fridge and pots/pans/cutlery etc – with another room next door. And we still have the joys of shared toilets and showers! It is a great location though, with tube stop and little shopping village at the end of this road. There is also a great lake nearby with plenty of walking trails. ( if you want to check it out!)

It is a nice little campsite and with the cold wet weather here, it is lovely being indoors – complete with central heating! We have been into Stockholm twice and on Saturday we saw the Changing of the Guard. Well, sort of, we stood waiting for it to start and Charlotte decided it was lunchtime half way through it, so we left! Ciao to Enza whom we met there! Thanks for the email – great to hear from you!

We fed Charlotte and wandered the streets of the old town. Dave had wandered off down the cobbled alley as I ducked into a children’s clothing store. Who happens to come inside the same store, as I was in there? Emma! She and Charlie had left Gotland that morning and were killing hours in Stockholm until their flight that night! Of all the people….s o you know what that meant….. time for coffee and more cake!

Stockholm is a great place – really clean and loads to see and do. Plenty of boating opportunities to get out and visit the Archipelgos – but the weather on Sunday when we planned to do it, was awful – so we did some more wandering around seeing the sights!

Tomorrow (Tues 4th of Sept) we head back to Germany.

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