Trevor in Travemunde

We trekked about 540km from near Eersel, Holland to Travemunde, near Lubeck, Germany. Here we met up with Travelling Piano Man Trevor! He is an old friend from way back….. who is now travelling the world playing piano and singing for a living! He organised a hotel for us and when we arrived at where he was playing – we realised why we were not staying there. The Hotel Arosa was very fancy and when we fronted up, in our cleanest jeans to the foyer to listen to Trevor’s gig that night, we felt pretty frumpy! Still, a beer for Dave and a fruity number (complete with umbrella!) for Narelle, and we were bopping along to Trev’s tunes quite happily. Charlotte was asleep in her buggy.

The next morning we met Trev for his famous tour of Lubeck! Well, not really famous, but seeing as he’d done it a few times before, we gave him the honorary title. We jumped on the train and headed into this very old town (about 20 mins away). We started at the front gates, which are very old and sloping pretty badly. We visited a lovely old square, cobbled streets of course and saw a big cathedral. IT had been badly damaged in the war and the bells had been left where they fell when they were bombed. It was quite eerie.

After a visit to the weirdest shop ever – a marzipan heaven (if you like marzipan!). You could buy anything here, made out of marzipan. Being German, they had every imaginable pork product (made out of marzipan!) mini ham legs, pork roasts, sausages, trotters, pig’s heads… the list goes on. We bought the customary piece of fruit (a strawberry) and a chocolate covered piece of marzipan (we had hoped the chocolate would disguise the taste of the marzipan!) and we sample our wares with a coffee on the square. Sorry Trev, but we are not converts!

After a typical German lunch of sausage in a bun standing up at the stall like the locals, we walked the streets in the glorious sunshine for a few hours. We went towards the bridge and on the way back (after coffee and cake of course!) we strolled the streets of the old town. We headed back to Travemunde for an early dinner at in Italian bistro, where the waiter spoke German to Trev and Italian for Dave and I! It was great!

Thanks for a gret visit Trev, hope the rest of your touring goes well. See you in Perth some time next year.

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