Visby, Views, Svimming and Vind

A day in Visby saw us battling what felt like, gale force winds! We met up with Jen and Will, Emma and Charlie for – yes, you guessed it, afternoon coffee! And then Dave and I took a walk around this really nice port town.

We wandered around the old wall, checked out some very old buildings, stopped in the botanical gardens (for some photo opp’s when then sun came out!) and sat on some sheep! (stone ones of course!)

At Charlie’s reccommendation, we drove to a fabulous part of Gotland. The views here are spectacular and after a short walk, we felt on top of the world. It was on a point looking out into the ocean – over the tops of cliffs, with sandy beaches below and nothing in front of you except water. We put Charlotte in her sling and hiked up there. It was beautiful.

Emma and I worked up enough sweat to take a dip (or so we thought until we stripped off and felt how cold the wind actually was when you weren’t wearing a fleece, jeans and jackets!) We braved it though…. you couldv’e heard our screams for miles – but we even swam (or gasped!) our way around from the beach to the end of a small jetty! what wild women we are!!

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